Presenting The Portrait Project, a series of six works each for one dancer and one musician, each created by a different guest choreographer in collaboration with a composer:

  • Escape Velocity, by choreographer Seán Curran and composer Jonathan Howard Katz
  • Trust, by choreographer Miro Magloire and composer Richard Carrick
  • The Heaviness of Air, by choreographer Helen Simoneau and composer Mary Kouyoumdjian*
  • Twine, by choreographer Manuel Vignoulle and composer Jonathan Howard Katz
  • Separate Rooms, by choreographer Joshua Beamish and composer Shawn Jaeger*
  • Reflection, by choreographer Katarzyna Skarpetowska and composer Jonathan Howard Katz*

Premiere performances February 18-19, 2016, at GK ArtsCenter (Brooklyn)

*Music commissioned by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation.