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Our Supporters

Our heartfelt thanks go to the following supporters of our 2018-2019 season (gifts made since August 1, 2018):


The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Gerald Appelstein
Harry and Gail Katz
New Music USA

Laurie Fraser Manifold

Leslie and Richard Curtis
Blair Hartley
Michael Pollak
Max Shterngel

Lisa Carlson
The Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation
Elizabeth Falk and Martin Piecuch
Alicia Floyd
Theresa Huntsman
Sam Katz
Leatrice Luria

Mary Ann and Frank Arisman
Kate and Christian Mitchell

Charles and Deborah Adelman
Ryan Caira
Maria Conelli
Joseph Doherty
Max Esposito
Marissa Feinberg
Jeffrey Horowitz
Betty Kreitzman
Stephen Pier

David Del Tredici
Matthew Freeman

Marlene Arvan
Jacalyn Ashford
Brenda Baker
Curtis Bergemann
Amanda Couret
John and Elizabeth Dillon
Eunhye Newman
Oleg Slinin

Periapsis Music and Dance has been supported by gifts from the following foundations, corporations, and government agencies:
The Amphion FoundationThe Harkness Foundation for DanceThe O'Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation
New York City Department of Cultural AffairsHomeAdvisorTD Bank
The Charles and Joan Gross Family FoundationNew Music USA

January 2017, photo by Rachel Neville.

The following individuals have each contributed $1000 or more since our inception:

Deborah and Charles Adelman • Gerald Appelstein
Nancy Bogen and Arnold Greissle-Schoenberg
Maria Ann Conelli and Kim Hartswick • Leslie and Richard Curtis
Alexander J. Dubé^ • Alicia Floyd • Alison Fraser
Elizabeth Frenchman and Kenneth Gordon • Blair Hartley
Beatrice and Meyer Katz^ • Harry and Gail Katz
Sam Katz • Horace^ and Betty Kreitzman
Leatrice Luria • Laurie Manifold
Edward J. Petrou • Michael Pollak • Max Shterngel

^ deceased

Our work would not be possible without the generous contributions of our supporters.  To find out how to help, please visit our donate page!