Rehearsing The Unfinished Pattern.  Photo by Erin Dillon.

We’re building some online resources for choreographers and composers interested in collaboration, and for choreographers interested in working with live music and/or protected music.  These pages are free but require a login. We’ll continue to expand these pages, so please come back and visit soon!


Composer List

This is an uncurated list of composers, broken down by city and linked to their websites, who are interested in collaborating with choreographers.  Choreographers may visit the websites, listen to their music, and make contact if they choose.
431 composers; updated 04/12/2017


Working with Musicians

Logistics of the music world, musical preparation, economics, making the switch from recordings to live performers, understanding each other in rehearsal, and other topics.
about 7600 words; updated 3/2/2015


Working with Composers (coming soon!)

What to work out in advance, how to communicate, what to expect through the collaboration, and other topics.


Licensing Music and Recordings (coming soon!)

What every choreographer should know about the legal issues of using music . . .


For Composers: Working with Dance (coming soon!)

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Composer List:

I just filled out the form. Why am I not on the list?

We manually add composers to the list after they fill out the form.  It’s not an automatic process.  Please check back in 3-5 days, and you should be there.

Okay, it's been a few days and I'm still not on the list.

Since we began this project, a few types of submissions have come up that we’ve deemed ineligible because they either don’t offer the proper information (such as work samples, contact info, etc.) or they seem to undermine the spirit of this resource, which is to connect choreographers and composers as potential collaborators.  With this in mind, links to YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages, performing ensembles (with few exceptions), commercial music sites, or anything where the composer’s identity is unclear will not be posted.  If you believe you’ve been excluded in error, please contact us.

Why are some composers listed twice?

We give composers the option of giving us two locations of residence, for those who are active in multiple places.  This doesn’t affect the running tally of how many composers are on the list.

Why didn't you include my secondary location?

Some people listed an entire country as a secondary location.  Our list is organized by city or locality.  If you wrote “Italy” or “United States” as a secondary location, we have nowhere specific to put you.  Please email us a city, and we’ll be happy to add it.

If my location or contact info changes, should I fill out the form again?

No, please email us and we’ll make the change.