Workshops, Classes, and Consults

In-person sessions:

Artistic director Jonathan Howard Katz is available to teach workshops, classes, and one-on-one or small group sessions for colleges and universities, dance centers, companies, groups of dancers, and individual artists.  The format is flexible to the situation, and a sliding scale is available.

As an educator, Jonathan’s specialties are in helping choreographers and dancers develop their listening skills, knowledge, and awareness to be able to engage with music at a deeper level and expand their artistic toolkit; bridging the communication gap between the music and dance worlds to help artists collaborate more meaningfully; and demystifying the artistic, technical, and logistic complexities of working with music and musicians.

Formats may include:

  • an intensive workshop at a university or dance center for in-progress works involving composer/choreographer collaborations and/or live music with dance;
  • a lecture/demonstration on particular musical topics, or as a comprehensive overview;
  • sessions with a dance company as it begins to work with live music, or to better get to know a particular piece of music;
  • discussions with a small group of artists about musical topics and/or specific works;
  • one-on-one sessions with artists interested in engaging more deeply with particular works of music, or to cover other topics of interest.

Topics may include:

  • listening for dynamic musical form, from motive and phrases to larger structures;
  • in-depth analysis of particular works;
  • music history and historical context;
  • meter and pulse;
  • pitch, scale, and key;
  • instruments and sounds;
  • musical interpretation from a musician’s point of view;
  • transitioning from recordings to live music;
  • choosing between recordings;
  • choosing repertoire;
  • working with composers and musicians.

All topics and all formats may be approached with or without music literacy, and listening skills will be emphasized over reading scores.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us!

Online workshop:

For dance artists who would like to explore the above topics on their own time, we’ve created an online series of videos with instruction, musical examples, and links for more learning.  Ideal for busy professionals and students alike, this workshop will develop into a rich library of information for choreographers and dancers who would like to deepen their relationship with music.

We’ll add 2-4 videos per month so our content will continually expand, but not overwhelmingly so!  And you’ll be able to ask questions by commenting on the video, helping to guide the course of the workshop itself.

This premium content is available by subscription for only $9.95/month.  Or you can save over 45% by purchasing an annual subscription for $64.95.  Subscriptions will renew automatically, but you can cancel at any time by switching to a free subscription.

To get started, just visit our secure subscription page and create (or update) your account by selecting a monthly or annual subscription.  You’ll then have full access to our online workshop.  On future visits to the site, just log in, and you’ll see links to the online workshop and other restricted content.  To change between monthly, annual, or free subscriptions, and view your subscription details and invoices, visit our subscription page.

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USF Robert Helps Composition Competition and Festival, 2010. Photo by Kyle Scharf.