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I'm interested in dancing for Periapsis. Are you looking for new dancers?

Thanks!  We’re not looking for new people at the moment, but when we do hold auditions you can be sure that they’ll be posted on our opportunities page and mentioned in our mailing list and social media.

Will you be holding more choreographer and composer competitions?

We hope so, but can’t say quite yet.  Please check back!

How can we book Periapsis for a performance?

Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Do the exclusive video library contain all of your full performances?

Pretty much.  A couple things are left out for artistic reasons if there’s another performance available, or because the documentation was unsatisfactory.  And a couple full performances (like Just when and where you are from our inaugural concert) are in the regular video libraries.

Are you a registered 501(c)(3) organization?


Why do we have to create a login to view the composer/choreographer resources?

Well, a few reasons:

1) It helps prevent spam in our composer list form.

2) Once posted somewhere, helpful informational resources have a way of suddenly appearing everywhere on the web, and this helps protect our content from theft.

3) We can get an idea of how many people are benefiting from our resources.  We don’t track individual users’ page visits, but we know how many users we have and how many visits those pages get, and this gives us a sense of us how helpful the resources are.

4) We’re a small non-profit organization, and by requiring the login we get people to engage a little more deeply with our website and potentially check out some of the other things that we’re doing.  You certainly don’t have to pay attention to our artistic activity to benefit from our resources, but we hope you’ll be interested in what we’re up to!


Rehearsing in January 2015.  Photo by Jonathan Howard Katz.