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I’m a composer/choreographer interested in working with your company. How can I send resume, work samples, etc.?2018-07-13T11:51:33-04:00

We don’t generally review unsolicited artistic materials, nor do we have the capacity to respond to all such inquiries we receive. For composers, our general response is to recommend you sign up for our Composer List.  For all, we recommend you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be made aware of opportunities for artists as they arise.

Can I specify what my donation is used for?2017-06-22T23:35:27-04:00

For smaller amounts generally not, but for larger amounts we can likely work out an arrangement whereby you would directly underwrite a specific cost (such as a venue rental, fee for a guest artist, a commission, or preparation of a new repertoire piece) and we would acknowledge your gift in this way. You might even become the dedicatee of a new work through our Artists’ Circle program! Please contact us to inquire.

Do you prefer donations by check or by PayPal/credit card?2017-06-22T23:33:51-04:00

For convenience and speed, PayPal and credit cards are great options, and monthly donations can be handled automatically through PayPal as well. But these services do take a small administrative fee, so to ensure that every penny of your donation goes to our efforts, a check can be more helpful to us.

Note: For a limited time, donations made by credit card through our shopping cart portal (not by PayPal) are subject to a promotional rate, and we don’t have to pay any processing fees on them. So that’s a great option for us as well!

Can I make a donation in honor of or in memory of somebody else?2017-06-22T23:30:42-04:00


Can I donate anonymously?2017-06-22T23:29:53-04:00

Well, we need to know who you are to issue a tax receipt, but if you’d like us to withhold your name from our public lists of donors, we would be happy to comply.

Can I spread my donation throughout the year as monthly payments?2017-06-22T23:29:09-04:00

Thanks for asking! Yes, you can create a subscription through the right-side PayPal link on the donate page and support us with a smaller amount each month. You’ll still be entitled to all the perks you’d get for donating the full amount all at once.

I don’t live in NYC. If I get tickets through my donation, can I let somebody else use them?2017-06-22T23:27:40-04:00

Sure, just let us know.

Can I decline donor perks so that more of my donation is tax-deductible?2017-06-22T23:26:56-04:00

Yes, if you’d like to donate without receiving tickets or other items with monetary value, please include a note with your payment, and we’ll adjust the receipt accordingly.

Can I donate by check?2017-06-22T23:26:09-04:00

Yes! You can mail a check made out to Periapsis Music and Dance to the following address:

Periapsis Music and Dance
523 Prospect Place #405
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Please include an email address if it’s not printed on the check.

How do I view the exclusive video library?2017-06-22T23:24:36-04:00

You’ll have to do two things: create a login and make a donation at or above $50, in either order.  Once we see both, we’ll administratively set your account for donor access for a year.  Please allow us 72 hours for this, as it’s all done manually!

If my location or contact info changes, should I fill out the composer form again?2017-06-22T16:38:57-04:00

No, please email us and we’ll make the change.

Why didn’t you include my secondary location on the Composer List?2017-06-22T16:07:08-04:00

Some people listed an entire country as a secondary location. Our list is organized by city or locality. If you wrote “Italy” or “United States” as a secondary location, we have nowhere specific to put you. Please email us a city, and we’ll be happy to add it.

Okay, it’s been a few days and I’m still not on the Composer List.2017-06-22T16:05:55-04:00

Since we began this project, a few types of submissions have come up that we’ve deemed ineligible because they either don’t offer the proper information (such as work samples, contact info, etc.) or they seem to undermine the spirit of this resource, which is to connect choreographers and composers as potential collaborators.  With this in mind, links to YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages, performing ensembles (with few exceptions), commercial music sites, or anything where the composer’s identity is unclear will not be posted.  If you believe you’ve been excluded in error, please contact us.

Why do we have to create a login to view the composer/choreographer resources?2017-06-22T14:27:24-04:00

Well, a few reasons:

It helps prevent spam in our composer list form, it helps protect our content from theft, it gives us a better idea of how many people use the resources (we don’t track individual users’ activity, but we can see how many registered users we have), and we want you to engage more with our website!

Are you a registered 501(c)(3) organization?2017-06-22T14:23:42-04:00

Yes, EIN 46-1933616.

How can we book Periapsis for a performance?2017-06-22T14:22:36-04:00

Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly!

I’m interested in dancing for Periapsis. Are you looking for new dancers?2017-06-22T14:21:24-04:00

Thanks!  We hold auditions infrequently, but you can be sure that they’ll be posted on our opportunities page and mentioned in our mailing list and social media.

Contact us:

Periapsis Music and Dance, Inc.
523 Prospect Place #405
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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